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Writing a cover letter for work in removal services. 5 rules from Local Van Man Edinburgh

Writing a cover letter is necessary, firstly, necessarily, and secondly – for each vacancy separately. I think that a correctly written cover letter can be a decisive argument when choosing between two similar candidates.

How to create a cover letter: 5 basic rules:

1. Remember that a cover letter is an addition to your resume, not a retelling. If in the ats resume you focus on what you did in the past and are doing now, then in the cover letter, focus on the future.

2. Write a cover letter for a specific company and vacancy. A potential employer must understand why you want to work with him and what you can offer.

3. Do not use template phrases just because they seem to you long enough and smart. Cliche, parasitic words and abstract epithets will not help you interest a recruiter. Such depersonalized letters are only annoying, because they do not give an answer to the main question – why exactly will you be good in this position.

4. Make sure your cover letter is logical and easy to read.

5. Be sure to check the text for errors. An illiterate cover letter shows your carelessness and may lower the chance of offering cooperation.

Detailed Cover Letter Plan

Who are you talking to?

Try to find out the name of the addressee and contact him personally. However, if this is not possible, write simply: “Dear employees of the HR department of the company, such and such” or something like that.

What do you want?

Immediately indicate which vacancy you are applying for. This will make life easier for the recruiter, because there can be many open vacancies for a company. It would also be good to refer to the source from where you learned about the vacancy.

Why are you going to this company and this position?

Tell us why you are interested in this particular area of ​​work and most importantly – why you want to work in this particular company. To do this, look for information about the company before writing a letter.

Why do companies hire you?

List all the arguments that prove that it is you who are suitable for this position. Think about what problems the company is trying to solve with the help of this vacancy, and describe how you can be useful in solving these problems. Talk about specific things you can do, instead of writing about “great experience,” “leadership skills,” and “stress tolerance.”

How suitable are you for this job?

Prove to the recruiter that you are in the right position. To do this, rely on the job description in the vacancy (paragraphs with the requirements and job description) and show with specific examples that you have the necessary skills. And do not forget to thank at the end of the letter – in the end, the person paid attention to your application and took her time.

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